• How many refreshment stations are there?  
    About every 5km there will be a refreshment station. That will be 9 refreshment station durng the marathon run. You will find further information here.   

  • Celebrations along the course
    There will be long music miles and music groups along the course, which will guarantee a great atmosphere. The last kilometer of the marathon offers different zones to create an unforgetable runnning event.

  • Company on the course  
    It is not allowed to have any company on a bike on the course. If you are accompanied, you will be disqualified .    

  • Pacemaker  
    The pacemakers cannot be overlooked. Every pacemaker stands in a starting block and has a  flag, printed with the finshing time. On October 23rd 2021, during the marathon expo, the pacemakers will be introduced. There are a lot of different finishing times. Starting at a finishing time of three hours and with an interval of 15 min up to a finshing time of 5:00 hours.
  • Medical care
    Please just start if your medical condition is well. If you need medical care during the run, please run or walk to the next medical care station. In the finish area the red cross will provied medical care. 
  • Music during the run
    iPhone, iPod, MP3-Player, or others are allowed during the run but you might miss the great atmosphere at the Oberbank Linz Donau Marathon. Please take care, not to disturb any other athletes.