If you want to run the Oberbank  Marathon (42,195 km) within a certain time limit, you can stick to our pacemaker.


As in previous years, there are experienced runners, who run a certain tempo and consequently reach the targeted marathon time exactly:

  • 2:59:59 h: Harald Schrenk
  • 3:14:59 h: Josia Nusser
  • 3:29:59 h: Hannes Kranixfeld
  • 3:44:59 h: Reinhard Fortyn
  • 3:59:59 h: Karl Rötzer
  • 4:14:59 h: Richard Pirngruber
  • 4:29:59 h: Marthon Zhang
  • 4:44:59 h: Leon Terentiv


The pacemaker CANnot be overlooked

Each target runner, standing in the appropriate starting blocks, is marked with a corresponding blue-red-yellow flag. The target time is printed on the flag.


The pacemaker will be presented during the Marathon Expo in the TipsArena on April 4th 2020.

Running periods of our pacemakers reach from under 3 hours up to a target time of 5 hours.

Subject to modification!