The Linz-Marathon is increasing the pace.

The preparations for the 16th edition on April 9th 2017 get into top gear. Upper Austria´s greatest running event undergoes a "facelifting"

Only 123 days, till the starting shoot for the 16. Linz Marathon - organized by LIVA and OÖN - on April 9th 217 on the Voest motorway bridge. The new main sponsor Oberbank brings new inputs to the event. By now the preparations are running for the "city festival", how mayor Klaus Luger is calling the event:

Main Sponsor

Since 2003 Oberbank is a Linz Marathon partner and will be now the main sponsor for the marathon event. General manager Franz Gasselsberger, himself a runner at the Linz Marathon togehther with his employees, knows the lucrative course in Linz. "Linz is a fast course". That´s the reason, why he wants more runners on the long distance. "It is our wish, that more half marathon runners switch to the classical marathon." Therefore, Oberbank and LIVA provide free running trainings with Austria´s former top marathon athletes Gerhard Hartmann and Günther Weidlinger. Furthermore, the Kick off Event on February 2nd 2017, with the former german wold class runner Thomas Wessinghage, offers the possibility to get good tips.

Junior Marathon

There will be a completly new concept for the Junior Marathon 2017. "Having fun is the most important thing." says Wolfgang Lehner, Marathon coordinator. There will be no time measurement for the youngest runners, accompanying the kids is not allowed.
With OÖGKK there is a new sponsor for the Juniormarathon. "For the OÖGKK as a partner of the Junior Marathon fun and joy at running are the main fact - each child wins." says OÖGKK director Andrea Wesenauer.

Time measurement

Mika:Timing is the new partner for time measurement. International marathons, like Chicago, London or Boston are partner with this company as well.

Course adjustment

20.150 registrations at the Marathon 2016 - new record. It is important that there will still be a good quality at the marathon, not only quantity. Therefore the finishing area for the quarter marathon, where most participants are, will be enlarged.

First top athlete

Edwin Koech´s winning time at the Linz Marathon 2016 - 2:09:06 hours - would be also the winning time at the Boston or Chicago marathons. No need to hide in comparison to international marathons. A candidate for another top performance at the Marathon 2017 is  Lemawork Ketema. The Austrian, born in Ethiopia, wants to reach the world cup limit (2:15 hours).