Oberbank brings „Power Team“ to the Linz Marathon

At the 16th Oberbank Linz Donau Marathon, athletes from four different managers will be starting and will fight for the victory in Linz. Such a broad field of elite athletes has never been in Linz before. There will be a strong fight about the top positions.

The race will be exciting through the „Oberbank Power Team´s“ participation. Through the support of the main sponsor it was possible to win GILBERT KIRWA, Kenia, personal best time: 2:06:14 (Frankfurt, 2009) for Linz. Gilbert is the fastest runner Linz has ever seen.  The average of his fastest 10 marathons is 2:07:52! Gilbert will bring his own pacemakers to Linz, who should bring him to a top time.  

Gilbert Kirwa bilds with the Austrian runner Lemawork Ketema, born in Ethiopa, the „Oberbank Power Team“. Lemawork is in the ÖLV all-state first team and prepares himself for the WC-qualification. He wants to beat the norm of 2:15:00.  

„With both athletes the Oberbank makes for an important part of the attractive elite field, which should guarantee top times in Linz.", says Oberbank CEO Franz Gasselsberger, who is fully committed to the Power Team.