The "school´s running" winners were honored today.

School Running

Within the 17. Oberbank Linz Donau Marathon the project "school´s running" took place. Upper Austria´s pupils had the chance to participate free of charge at the competitions quarter marathon and relay marathon.
The three fastest relays, as well as the three fastest schools with their three fastest quarter amrathon runners were honored.
The award ceremony took place on May 9th 2018 at the Old Town Hall. Also mayor Luger and vice-mayor congratulated the pupils.

We want to congratulate all the pupils to their performances!


1. place


Thomas Schnallinger00:37:43

Felix Kaissl00:38:36
Michael Harringer00:45:09
2. place
Litec Paul Hahn

Richard Reingruber00:40:59

Daniel Korn00:43:19
David Böhm00:44:05
3. placeNMS AltenbergJakob Riener00:41:10

Daniel Riener00:41:27
Lukas Brandl00:47:12
Schule läuft - RELAY MARATHON
1. placeNMS Wolfsegg Team 23Marlene Gründlinger03:21:37
Kilian Hiptmair
Raphael Holzinger
Jakob Jedinger
2. placeSMS Lambach Team 8Stefan Kreuzmayr03:21:57
Stefan Abt
Jakob Obernberger
Jakob Sonnleitner
3. placeGymnasium Dachsberg 1Bastian Mayr03:27:31
Lukas Moser
Noah Leidinger
Johannes Weigl
school with the most participants
BHAK/BHAS Steyr105 Finisher


Linz City Championchip

Also the Linz City Championchip award ceremony took place today.
This award ceremony is only for citizens with main residence of Linz or assosiates of Linz´s clubs.
We want to congratulate all winners to their performances!

Marathon Women:

1. placeChristina Khinast3:23:37
2. placeMartina Mißlbeck3:27:12
3. placeViktoria Steininger3:27:40

Marathon Men:


1. placeMartin Hofstadler2:46:48
2. placeDaniel Hartl2:51:39
3. placeHerbert Reiter2:52:29

Half Marathon Women:


1. placeAnna Panholzer1:32:29
2. placeFranziska Fürtbauer1:35:29
3. placeSabine Preimel1:38:40

Half Marathon Men:


1. placeDemeter Dick1:16:23
2. placeFranz Simon Mayrhofer1:16:35
3. placeNimcan Abdullahi1:16:54

 Photo: Volker Weihbold