The Oberbank Linz Marathon is happy to announce a new partnership - welcome to the Linz Marathon family, Hyundai.

Since more than 25 years Hyundai writes its successful story in Austria an  has a rapid growth and an  unbelievable evolvment in design, development, innovation and brand image. Hyundai is a pioneer in alternative fuels - and is therefor the perfect new mobility partner for the 5 star European Athletics Road Race, the "service marathon" and 7 times "Marathon of the year" in Austria, the Oberbank Linz Marathon.

Hyundai is new partner and sponsor for the Oberbank Linz Donau Marathon. With the slogan "Run further than the others do" the partners join their forces to arouse the running spirit of Upper Austria´s biggest running event.


Mobility partner Hyundai

The focus of this partnership will be on the future based equipment of the Linz Marathon car fleet with forced eco friendly vehicles. Hyundai´s new top model, the hydrogen-electric-SUV Hyundai NEXO, is able to drive about 660 kilometers, or in other words 15 marathons, with only one charge and without local emissions (0 g/km CO2).

That is also an indispensable fact for the official marathon front car, which will be presented in time to the 19. Oberbank Linz Donau Marathon in April 2020. The Linz Marathon car fleet, offered by Hyundai, will be completed with a car for the organisation team, the marathon sag wagon and the elite return service car.

The Linz-Marathon-Team travels hundrets of kilometers during the whole year, for different event preparations. To support the team at the numerous Expo presentations and meetings through Austria and neighbouring countries, as well as to service appointments like the running meetings, Hyundai offers one of its top models.


Hyundai Relay marathon

As competition sponsor Hyundai gives a dynamic name to the popular relay marathon and creates therefor 100% motivation on the running track. The community feeling and the togetherness are the most important things at this competition. Like the slogan "It makes more fun together" the relay marathon is a good team building event. The different distances, 9.4km, 11.6km, 14.3km and 6.9km, offer for everyone in the team an appropriate route.