Dear Linz Marathon participants,


months of preparation and strict training plans, you were heading for a goal. And all of a sudden, the running event, where you wanted to take part, had to be cancelled. For us it has been months of preparation und long days too. We work with lots of passion and commitment to organize Upper Austria´s biggest and most popular running event - the Linz Donau Marathon - for almost two decades now. The news, that the 19. Oberbank Linz Donau Marathon won´t take place at the beginning of April, has been a huge shock for the organizing committee.


It is our task, to work customer friendly and service oriented, so that we can ensure an unforgettable running event for our runners. A few weeks ahead of the 19. Oberbank Linz Donau Marathon, the Austrian authorities have decided that there won´t be any mega events because of the Covid-19 until further notice. At this moment the organization has been very far, orders have been delivered, a big part of our budget has been invested. These are some reasons, why it took such a long time to present you a solution. There are many questions, which had to be answered and still need an answer, to ensure that the Linz Donau Marathon can take place in the upcoming years as well.


After many meetings we can announce that all our participants will get a whole refund of their starting fee. Beginning with May 20th 2020, mika:timing will start the refund process of the starting fees and the additional fees, like medal engraving and chip rent. A transfer to the upcoming marathon is bond with immense additional costs and organizing efforts, so we can´t offer that option.


If anyone of you wants to support the Linz Donau Marathon, there is the possibility to donate your starting fee, or part of it. In that case we really appreciate your help, as we have already invested a middle six-figure sum, your support will make the organization for the next marathon much easier.


All participants will receive en e-mail with a personal link from mika:timing, you can state until May 11th 2020, if and how much money you want to donate. A Group registration will be processed as one registration. All runners, who won´t report on time, will get an automatic refund of the whole amount after May 20th 2020.


We are looking forward to welcome you again at the starting line on April 11th 2021! As soon as the registration for the Oberbank Linz Donau Marathon 2021 is open, we will inform you. We wish you all the best and stay healthy.

Your Linz Marathon Team