Those who want to run the Marathon within a certain time limit, can stick to our pacemaker.

This year we can offer our marathon runners pacemakers. Our experienced pacemakers run their certain tempo and reach the finish within the targeted time.


We offer following time limits:

  • 2:59:59 h: Harald Schrenk
  • 3:14:59 h: Josia Nusser
  • 3:29:59 h: Hannes Kranixfeld
  • 3:44:59 h: Reinhard Fortyn
  • 3:59:59 h: Karl Rötzer
  • 4:14:59 h: Richard Pirngruber
  • 4:29:59 h: Marthon Zhang
  • 4:44:59 h: Leon Terentiv


The Pacemakers will be presented within the marathon fair on Saturday April 4th 2020 at 1.00 p.m. on the stage.

(c) Klaus Mitterhauser