Linz Donau Marathon is number 1 in Austria

More than 13.500 runners, a new record, were part of the annual voting at The Rennsteiglauf could defend their first place in Germany - second place for the Jungfrau Marathon and most popular in Switzerland - Hamburg is in third place.
The most favored Citymarathon in Austria is the Borealis Linz Donau Marathon, before Salzburg and Vienna.

It was possible to give your vote for 222 different running events.
The Rennsteiglauf, in Germany, won this vote. This shows that it is not only a huge amount of athletes, good finish times and famous runners, which makes a running event a qualitatively good event. Especially not, if you are asking the spectators. Of course, the Rennsteiglauf is not a small event, but they left far bigger running events behind them.
The Jungerfrau Marathon, in Switzerland, managed to be in second place and first place in Switzerland and the category mountain marathons. This Marathon is the smallest in the top group.
The Hamburg Marathon does not only get more athletes from year to year, but also more votes  at the Marathon4you Voting and is therfor on the third place and the most popular Citymarathon.
Talking about Citymarathons, in Austria is every year a change of positions betwenn the same evetns.
This year the Linz Donau Marathon won the race before Salzburg and Vienna.
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