On Wednesday, January 27th 2016, the starting signal for the marathon season 2016 fell!

Not a single chair was left free at the opening event on Wednesday evening at the Oberbank Forum in Linz. Therefore, many guests stood, to see the opening event for the 15. Borealis Linz Donau Marathon on April 3rd 2016. The evening started with a discourse from Runtastic founder Florain Gschwandtner and just after that, everyone in the hall was motivated to get started with their running training again.
Already 8000 runners registered for the Linz Marathon, presented by OÖN paper.
"Achieve your goals", Mr. Gschwandtner´s discourse title. He and three colleagues realized this slogan six years ago, when founding Runtastic. Nowadays, the company hired 160 employees and the App was downloaded 160 million times. What a story of success. Gschwandtner suggested aims, not just for a start up company, but also valid in sport.
First: "Motivation and attitude are important."
Second: "Use your imagination."
Third: "The challenge is part of the solution."
Fourth: "The biggest challenge is the deadline. Deadline for the Linz Marathon is in 64 days!"
Fifth: "Be a role model."
Sixth: "If you fall, I´m here. - the floor."
Last, but not least: "Smile, no matter how hard it is!"

THE "Marathon-SONG"

The audience had a lot to laugh in the second part of the evening with the comidian "Blonder Engel" (blond angel). He even presented a "Marathon-Song".
Franz Gasselsberger (Oberbank), running legend Günther Hartmann, Wolfgang Lehner, Thomas Ziegler (LIVA) and marathon-organizer Ewald Tröbinger greated the guests as well.