Sport is fun, relaxing and helps to stay healthy. Because movement is part of a helthy growing up , for the OÖGKK it is important to support the Juniormarathon, on April 14th 2018 as main partner.

A healthy life style is already extremely important for the youngest. "The earlier we keep our health in mind, the better.", OÖGKK chairman Albert Maringer says. Movement is playing a big role therefor. Running, hiking or walking is a breeze and no expensive equpment is necessary. "Kids, who are moving a lot, lay the foundaion to an active and healthy life style and are later on healthier adults. Also studies show that!", OÖGKK director Andrea Wesenauer explains.
For the OÖGKK it is therefor important, to support the junior marathon, for which a new concept was created last year. The event shows, how children are thrilled by movement. Fun and cheer at the sport have the priority at the junior marathon for the OÖGKK. Every child is a winner!
About 2.300 children will take part at the OÖGKK junior marathon powered by ORF Radio OÖ. The participation is for free and everyone gets a cool t-shirt, a starting bag, a medal and dinks and food at the refreshment area at the finish.
The starting spot at the junior marathon are popular, we suggest registration in time here.

photo: Training at the SNMS Kleinmünchen © Weihbold OÖN
photo: OÖGKK Junior Marathon shirt presentaition: Gugl Hero
Vltr: Johann Freudenthaler (head of sports SNMS Kleinmünchen), Andrea Wesenauer (director OÖGKK), Eduard Stangl (director SNMS Kleinmünchen), Günther Weidlinger (OC member Linz Donau Marathon) © Weihbold OÖN