Günther Weidlinger was visiting BBS Rohrbach, Upper Austria

It is already the 12th time that the project "school´s running" is part of the Linz Donau Marathon. THe head of mission is Günther Weidlinger, Austrian marathon record holder. Months before the marathon he is visiting ten schools in different parts of Upper Austria. Last friday, February 5th 2016, Günther Weidlinger was guest in a school in Rohrbach. About 300 pupils heard his lecture, where he talked about the right way of running, as well as the right preperations for a run, like the Linz AG Quarter Marathon, the ASICS Relay Marathon, or the OÖN Junior Marathon.

About 40 pupils got to do a 60 minutes running training with Günther Weidlinger just after the lecture. All the participants were motivated, when they started with different kinds of warm up exercises, followed by technical exercises and strength exercises, where concentration was needed as well. 

Pupils of the BBS Rohrbach will be participants at the 15th Borealis Linz Donau Marathon on April 3rd 2016.