16 times more banana consumption on marathon sunday, than in one week at the zoo Schönbrunn

There is a big participant supply effort at the Linz Marathon, which shows the example of the numbers of bananas. SPAR delivers this year five tons of the yellow fruit. Since the first marathon SPAR is a very important partner of the event. "We also have a few employee, who will participate", says CEO Jakob Leitner.

Furthermore, there will be 18.000 marathon buns waiting for the runners in the finishing refreshment area, from the backery Resch&Frisch, as well as the Pfahnl Mill.

45.000 liters istotonic drinks from Powerade,
20.000 liters Römerquelle sparkling water and
16.000 liters Coca-Cola will be available at the 11 refreshment areas during the marathon.

Additional 6.000 liter Kaiser-beer and 2.000 liter Edelweis non-alcoholic will be poured at the finishing refreshment areas.