Borealis and EREMA implement a circular-flow concept for recyclable drinking cups at the 19. Oberbank Linz Donau Marathon.

For 2020 the Linz Marathon organizing committee set the goal "Zero Waste", which includes recycling of drinking cups.

At the Linz Marathon about 220,000 plastic cups are used annually, which are mainly used at the refreshment station.  The runners consume about 12,960 liters isotonic drink, 15,000 liters Gasteiner sparkling water, 3,000 liters Spar Fresh Cola, 5,240 liters beer and 3,520 liters Zipfer Hops each year at the Linz Marathon. The used plastic cups are collected and disposed by LINZ AG after the run. This procedure should be exchanged through a new, sustainable concept by the project partners Borealis and EREMA.


Sustainable recycling economy solution by Borealis

"Within our joint project with EREMA at the Linz Marathon, we show that drinking cups can be recycled at a sport event. This enables our cooperation along the whole value chain up to the final consumer who decides the success. EverMinds™ is the umbrella brand of Borealis´engagement, to push the recycling economy with customers and partners. The project with EREMA is a good example in order to demonstrate the value of plastic solutions for our society in connection with the recycling economy." says DI Rudolf Wölfer, manager of Innovation Headquaters, Borealis Linz.


"Many of our employees take part at the Linz Marathon for years. We are looking forward to realize a sustainable recycling economy at the Linz Marathon together with Borealis. With this project we want to make clear for all the runners and spectators, the value of plastic trash as an important resource for producing new high-quality products.", says DI Manfred Hackl, CEO EREMA Group.

Along the running course the plastic cups will be collected and than EREMA will recycle the cups and reuse them by 100 percent. "The recycled material will be reused for cups or ther products, which are used at such sport events, for example medals or timing-chips .", explaines Hackl.


„Zero Waste“ for Linz Marathon 2020

Right after the refreshment stations, along the whole marathon-running course, there will be collection stations for the cups. The runners can throw their cups into the stations, which are big nets, while running along the course. "Waste Teams" of Borealis and EREMA will collect those cups, which didn´t find their way into the collecting station.


"To motivate the runners, to throw the cups into the collecting stations and to prepare them for the new concept, at the marathon expo a prototype and a video will be presented." says Günther Weidlinger, Linz Marathon OC-member. 


"The single-use plastic cups, which are used at the refreshment areas, will be recycled and new cups or other products will be produced. Thanks to our partners Borealis and EREMA we can ensure that the 220,000 plastic cups won´t end up as plastic trash." says Weidlinger.