How to organize your marathon training in summer and what needs to be considered.

On the weekend of 22/23 October, Linz becomes the running hotspot in Austria. Those who start in the marathon or other competitions are already sweating a lot during training in midsummer. With these tips, your preparation for the race will continue to run smoothly.

1 running time: lace up your running shoes in the blazing midday heat – not a really good idea. “Running training on hot summer days should definitely be done in the morning or in the evening. On the one hand for health reasons, since the UV radiation and the circulatory strain are higher around midday, and accordingly the physical performance and also the training efficiency is significantly better at cooler temperatures ", says the Marchtrenker sports doctor Ronald Ecker, himself a passionate runner. Austria's former marathon record holder Günther Weidlinger has an additional tip: "Ideally, you run in the forest because it's a bit cooler and the trees provide shade."

2 Clothing: An air-permeable cap that protects the head is now just as obligatory as light functional clothing. "Cotton is a no-go," says Weidlinger. Sunglasses are mandatory. According to the experts, non-greasy sunscreen for the skin is also recommended.

3 Nutrition: "In summer, I would take a drinking bottle with me for training sessions longer than an hour. Dehydration prevents the body from delivering its full performance. It makes sense to drink enough before running," says sports doctor Ecker. The ideal drink during exercise is a mixture of liquid, sugar and minerals, i.e. the classic sports drink. Food that is too heavy for the stomach should be avoided at all costs.

4 Opportunities: If you are on vacation running can be the perfect opportunity to explore the area. But you should not shy away from alternative training such as cycling or swimming.

5 Regeneration:
Jumping into cool water after a hot training session is a blessing. But be careful: "Get your body used to the cold temperature slowly, otherwise it can be dangerous for the circulatory system," says Weidlinger, who also advises against drinking cold drinks afterwards because the stomach reacts sensitively. Anyone who trains according to heart rate should note the following: the heart pumps about ten additional beats per minute at one degree Celsius more core body temperature in order to maintain blood circulation in the skin and the cooling mechanisms.

Photo: Klaus Mitterhauser
Source: nachrichten.at;art16391,3688286