Together with the City Champions, also the winners of "school´s running" were honored.

About 150 schools from Upper Austria were part  of the project  "school´s running" during the 15th Borealis Linz Donau Marathon on April 3rd 2016.

On Wednesday, April 27th 2016, the award ceremony took place for the fastest schools with their students at the Quarter Marathon and Realy Marathon. The happy winners collected their earned prices in the "Altes Rathaus" in Linz.

Congratulations to all the winners!


School´s running - quarter marathon

1st placeHTL NeufeldenStefan Springer00:41:43
1st placeHTL NeufeldenPhilipp Plakolb00:41:47»02:06:20
1st placeHTL NeufeldenThomas Magauer00:44:02
2nd place Europagymnasium Auhof Christoph Elger00:42:10
2nd place Europagymnasium AuhofRichard Reingruber00:42:31»02:07:29
2nd placeEuropagymnasium AuhofAndreas Gaisberger00:43:22
3rd placeNMS AltenbergJakob Riener00:40:41
3rd placeNMS AltenbergDaniel Riener00:42:13»02:08:03
3rd placeNMS AltenbergOliver Pfarrhofer00:45:51





School´s running - relay marathon

1st placeBorg Linz 2Anton Sigl02:45:45
Jacob Mayr
Thomas Schnallinger
Stanislav Vala
2nd placeKenias allerletzte ReservePhilipp Kastenhofer02:55:40
Lorenz Buchgraber
Christoph Leitner
Patrick Medwenitsch
3rd placeBorg Linz 1Julian Mauß 03:03:04
Reinhard Teufel
Lukas Schindler
Michael Harringer



The school with the most participants at the Linz Marathon was HAK Steyr with 125 runners.