Entry fee 2022


Entry fee in eurostill 6/24till 19/8till 9/30on 10/21 & 10/22
Oberbank Marathon57,0065,0070,0090,00
Borealis Half Marathon38,0046,0051,0065,00
Hyundai Relay Marathon100,00112,00124,00135,00
LINZ AG Quarter Marathon28,0032,0036,0045,00
Ascendor Handbike Half Marathon38,0046,0051,0065,00
Fischer Brot Inline Skating Half Marathon38,0046,0051,0065,00
Timing Chip (MikaTag)6,006,006,006,00

With the collective/group registration, it is possible to register further athletes until the last registration deadline on September 30th 2022. There is no confirmation after each registration. The official registration confirmation will be send via e-mail about 1 week before the marathon. It is always possible to have a look at the actual starting list. If you have any question please contact the Linz Marathon Team via E-Mail linzmarathon@ liva.linz. at.

Please note

  • Participants should only start if they are healthy.
  • It is requiered that runners below the age of 18 have a declaration of consent by their parent or guardian in order to take part.
  • Participation on bicycles and other sports equipment is not permitted.
  • It is not permitted for non-competitors to accompany the runners (in particular on bicycles, inline skates or other sports equipment) and this will result in the disqualification of the runner involved.
  • Special security staff will carry out checks along the course!
  • Any runner changing their starting number will be disqualified.