On Sunday in all contests the time will be taken with the ChampionChip.

Rent a Champion Chip

Due to the cash free charging by mika:timing the participants in 2020 can all benefit from this model without queuing up after the race for cash refundment. Participants without a personal ChampionChip can buy one within the online registration or are able to rent a yellow ChampionChip. The purchase (€31,00) or rental (€6,00) will be withdrawn with the registration fee. The cashing of the fee or a deposit at the starter package pick up is hereby redundant. By not returning the chip on the day of the event the ChampionChip is considered purchased and mika:timing will withdraw a fee of 25 € from the bank or credit card account after a short preannouncement. Late registration participants and participants without a valid bank account will be charged a rental fee on site and handed a single use version of the ChampionChip (blue). This chip is not purchasable and must be returned after the race. A deposit will not be charged.

Own Champion Chip

If runners have their own Champion Chip, they can register it at their registration. Of course the Chips, which were used at a marathon with pentek timing, can be used as well.
At the registration the Chip number needs to be entered without hyphen.

Please consider the different forms of attachment for the disciplines:

  • runner: to the running shoe, ideally to the shoelace (not above the knee)
  • relay: to the ankle with the provided velcro
  • inline skater: to the skates, not to the blade, ideally to the shoelace by zip tie
  • handbiker and race wheelchair: through zip tie to the front of the wheelchair/handbike  

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